Meet Steve Weintraub

Steven Weintraub_1

Welcome to the new-style on-line Shtetl. Every month we feature a member of the community. One of the exciting elements of building Klezmer culture is the warmth of the community that builds it. Here is a chance to meet one another new-shtetl-style.

This month, Community Klezmer Initiative would like to warmly welcome Steve Weintraub. We are so lucky that Steve recently moved to our area from 20 years in the Mid-West. A native New Yorker (Bar Mitzvahed in the Bronx ) he is an invaluable resource when it comes to Jewish dance,  which has been his career’s forte.

He teaches at festivals around the world from Poland, to London, to Germany; at Klez Kamp and Klez Kanada  and in our area! He is the go-to Yiddish dance maven. He has worked with the best, studied with the best and is the top seasoned performer and teacher for Yiddish dance.

Steve’s most recent project is to develop a dance troupe to perform with new Klezmer music. We welcome Steve with open arms and hope that Philly is a place where his dreams come true.


Hi, I am Steve’s friend, Susan, and I’ve known Steve for many years from teaching together at festivals and Klezmer culture gatherings and workshops. He makes a damn good martini and has endless energy. He can dance all day and all night. He wears awesome shirts, is a fabulous teacher and has big, beautiful, blue eyes.

I am proud that this respected professional with world-wide appeal is my friend and I’m so excited that he is in the area so we can all get to know him and dance with him. He is awesome!